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We offer many payment options to make ordering as easy as possible. Some payment options are only available through the shopping cart and some payment options are only available by contacting us.

Ordering Online

Ordering online is easy, quick, and secure. If there is a product you want to order you will see a green button that says "ORDER" inline with the item. Some items require that you choose a color or quantity from a drop down bar, make sure to choose the selection that you want. Once you have clicked the order button you will be taken to your shopping cart. The shopping cart will show the items you are ordering with the prices and shipping cost. If there are items in your shopping cart that you do not want, you can delete or change the quantities. When you are ready to pay for the item(s) click the "Secure Checkout" or "Amazon" button. If the Secure checkout and Amazon images are grayed out, make sure to chose your location and then the buttons will be able to be clicked on. When you checkout make sure that all your information is correct. Make sure your current information is correct with Amazon if you choose that option. Your email, phone #, and address are all used as you entered them. This information is used to contact you and when shipping your order. If you entered the information incorrectly you may not receive communications from us and your order could be sent to the wrong place.

Payment Options

Option 1 - Secure Checkout Secure Checkout
On the left hand side of your shopping cart you will find this option. This option will allow you to pay with Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club anywhere in the world. This option will also accept credit, debit, gift, and prepaid cards of the above types. When you click on this option it will ask you for your email address, telephone number, billing and shipping address as well as the card information. Once you have entered all the information click the secure checkout button, which will process your order. Once the order is processed it will take you to a new page confirming that we received the order and you will receive an email within a few mintues confirming your order. Our entire website is encypted with up to a 256 Bit SSL, 2048 bit root encyption, provided by Rapid SSL so that your information is secure that you enter during checkout. Your full credit / debit card number and security code are not revealed to us. See our privacy policy for details on this.
Option 2 - PayPalCheckout with PayPal
You can select PayPal as your payment option during checkout. Once you have selected the PayPal option you will be taken to PayPal's secure login page where you can enter your Paypal username and password. Follow the steps to complete the payment.
Option 3 - Collect On Delivery (COD)
This is a great option if you dont use credit cards or debit cards. How does COD work? Email or text us the item(s) you would like to order, your shipping address, phone #, and email. We will ship the item(s) to you via UPS. When the UPS driver comes to deliver your order you will have to give the driver a Cashier's check or money order for the order total. UPS charges us $12 for the service. For orders under $100 we will add the $12 to the order. For orders over $100 we will not charge you $12. Maximum order amount for COD is $300. If you are not at the delivery location most of the time this is not recommended because you will have to be there when the driver arrives with your order. If you would like to pay COD you can contact us here.
Option 4 - Order by Mail with a Check or Money Order
Send us a check or Money order through the mail to pay for your order. Personal checks can take up to 2 weeks to clear. Order paid by Money orders and cashiers check are shipped immediately. Contact us for details.
Option 5 - Western Union or MoneyGram
We offer these option, contact us for details.
Option 6 - Cash
Cash payment is avaialble on pickup. If you would like to pickup an item or just come check out a part, we welcome it. Please contact us 1 hour or more before coming by so that we can pull the parts you are interested in. You can also prepay for the item with many of the methods above and pickup the parts. We also offer local delivery in cases where the order is large or an item is large and you are in close proximity to us.

What People Are Saying - From Colombia, Carlos' 2001 Audi TT Quattro Roadster
"a little fun machine that gives me lots of joy...Being 74 and with lots of free time, checking, cleaning or tearing apart that toy, it`s always a good excuse to stay at home." Read More
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